2017 export growth cut across all modes of shipping

December 27, 2017 – 2017 was a very good year for US trade growth, according to a recent report by Ken Roberts of Forbes.

container port

Mr. Roberts reports that total US exports are up 6.13% this year, exports by ocean are up 10.98%. air cargo trade is up 6.11% and border crossings, whether via truck, rail or pipeline, is up 2.02%. Ocean trade, by value, makes up 33.68 percent of all US exports.

On the import side, he reports that overall US imports are up 6.75% while ocean-borne shipments are up 7.51%. The value of air cargo is up 6.14% while border trade is up 6.08%. Also on the import side, 46.20% of all US trade is via ship. All of the data is based on analysis of the latest US Census Bureau data through October.

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