Break into the Chinese consumer market with Alibaba – Kansas City seminar

April 11, 2018 – The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) of Kansas City, Missouri in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Department of Agriculture, are presenting this Alibaba seminar for consumer companies on April 26th from 8:30 – 1pm.


According to Narbeli Galindo, EDC’s Director of International Affairs, “the Alibaba Group will be setting up an event for mainly consumer companies interested in utilizing their e-commerce platform. It is a great opportunity to help your company expand globally and if interested in participating, please see the below details.”

The Alibaba and Open Sky group will discuss: the China market, OpenSky solutions for SMEs, how you can started selling in China, and how Alibaba and OpenSky can help. This seminar is primarily for companies with experience in selling direct-to-consumer.

For more information, contact Alvin Liow at, or register at this link.

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