Canada’s conservative House of Commons could delay passing USMCA

January 24, 2020 – Reuters is reporting that Canada’s conservative-dominated legislature may not move as quickly on the USMCA passage as Prime Minster Trudeau is pressing.

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PM Trudeau on Tuesday urged legislators to quickly approve the new continental trade pact, but the main conservative opposition party said it wanted to study the deal, indicating the ratification process could drag on until perhaps as late as April.

Canada is the only one of the three signatories not to have formally blessed the USMCA deal.

The Prime Minister said his minority Liberal government would unveil legislation on Jan. 29 to ratify the free trade agreement.

Free trade is critical to the economies of Canada and Mexico, which both send around 75% of goods to their much larger neighbor. But the Liberals no longer control the House of Commons and passing legislation requires the cooperation of other parties, which can if they wish slow down the process.

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