China factories shut-down for National Day, but some permanently

September 28, 2017 – The online version of the Journal of Commerce, reports that “factories across China are preparing to shut down to celebrate the country’s national holiday – China National Day, Oct. 1, 2017, called the Golden Week. It may only bring a brief respite to the thousands of factories facing closure under Beijing’s anti-pollution drive.

China National_Day

“The widespread closure of polluting factories is being seen by those in the supply chain as a permanent move with the intention of pushing manufacturers of low value goods out of China,” said Gary Huang, Hancock International director and co-chairman of the AmCham Shanghai Supply Chain Committee.

“In fact, the sentiment is that these heavy polluters mainly make low value items and China is willing to allow these industries to move out of China and to India, Cambodia, etc.,” he said. “We are entering a holiday soon in the beginning of October. I believe I’ll have a better idea of [the] South China impact around mid-October.”

The tough enforcement of regulations have already shuttered thousands of factories in the north of the country. The inspectors now have their eyes on auditing manufacturers in the southern provinces.

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