Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Israel and others form 6-member Mediterranean gas group

September 25, 2020 -According to a report this week from Bloomberg News, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Israel and two other countries will form a permanent organization to promote co-operation over natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey, which has raised tensions by exploring for the fuel in contested waters, is not yet included.

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Energy ministers from the group, which also includes Cyprus and Jordan, signed a charter to establish the East Mediterranean Gas Organization (EMGO). The body will be based in Cairo and focus on “strengthening regional cooperation,” according to a statement.

Representatives from the US Department of Energy and the European Union signed the agreement as observers.

The six members met several times last year in Cairo, where they agreed to work together to exploit gas reserves. EMGO members have been building energy ties in recent years. Two years ago, Israel agreed a $15 billion deal to export gas to Egypt.

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