EU steps on American cheesemakers again

October 24, 2019 – The Consortium for Common Food Names reports today, “That major dairy-producing organizations around the world are challenging the European Union’s (EU) decision to disregard market realities and international trade standards by granting Denmark sole ownership of the generic name “havarti” cheese in Europe.

Havarti Cheese
Photo courtesy of Pearl Valley Cheese

With the EU’s publication of the decision yesterday, “havarti” will be granted a geographical indication (GI), even though the name “havarti” does not refer to any geographic region in Denmark, and most havarti cheese is produced outside of Denmark – including by Danish company Arla Foods in the United States. The move blocks any producer outside of Denmark from selling cheese by that name within the EU and will add “havarti” to the list of popular food names such as parmesan, feta and chorizo that the EU is attempting to monopolize in global trade.”

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