Gauging Kansas City’s growing marine highway

January 22, 2017 – Kansas City’s river port re-opened some ten years ago. Since then shipping through the port has increased steadily.

On Friday, January 26th, the International Trade Council (ITC) of Greater Kansas City hosts a breakfast forum on the port’s growing successes.

Two of the key components of the presentation are:
• The role of KC’s capacity, cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness in making it a key player in the international market.
• KC’s regional and international connectivity enhanced by its marine highway.

Lucy Fletcher - River

Speakers include Port KC’s Richard Grenville and AGRIServices Lucy Fletcher of the Brunswick River Terminal on the Missouri River.

Rick Granville - PortKC

The buffet breakfast begins with registration at 7:30am and runs through 9am at Kansas City’s Trezo Mare restaurant. For more information and registration visit Upcoming Events at

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