Honduras presidential elections create political uncertainty

November 29, 2017 – CentralAmericaDataEXPRESS is reporting that after four days after the presidential elections in Honduras, all of the votes have not yet been counted, and as tension escalates, businessmen request political leaders to recognize the results declared by the Electoral Tribunal.

Honduras street protests

The most recent data published by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Honduras shows that as of Tuesday, November 28, only 59% of the Receiving Electoral Tables (MER in Spanish) had been processed. With this data, the person emerging as the potential winner is the engineer Salvador Nasralla, candidate for the opposition Alliance against Dictatorship and known in Honduras as “the Man from the television”, because of his long career as an event spokesman and sports communicator.

The data gives Nasralla a slight advantage of almost 5 percentage points over current President Hernández, who is seeking re-election as the National Party candidate. (As of November 29th, 3 pm local time, the margin has narrowed to less than 1%).

On the other hand, current president Juan Orlando Hernández has given assurances that the rural vote will give him the victory. According to Elheraldo.com “…the president said that last night he gave the order to share copies of the minutes with international observers to validate the results, and asked the opposition not to talk about trends. “They cannot say that there is an irreversible trend if 60% of the paperwork has not been processed,” he said.

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