How Hurricane Laura and others affect truckload freight markets

August 26, 2020 – With monster Hurricane Laura, projected to become a category 4 hurricane, hits the Texas-Louisiana gulf coast tonight, and with undoubtedly more on the way during this active hurricane season, how is it affecting truckload freight markets?


Freight typically follows a three-step pattern when a big storm is in the forecast, according to a report today by Cargo Business News.

In the days before the storm like Laura arrives, the spot truckload freight market heats up. Load availability rises dramatically in places where bad weather might hit and cools off virtually everywhere else as shippers and freight brokers stage inventory and relief supplies within a safe distance.

The spot market presents opportunities to move relief supplies. As a point of reference, during the four-week period in 2017 that included Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, posts for dry van, refrigerated, and flatbed loads increased 28%, 17%, and 67%, respectively, as relief agencies sought immediate available capacity.

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