ITA introduces online tool to help exporters identify new markets

November 27, 2018 – Designated the Market Diversification Tool, it purportedly “uses a company’s current trade patterns (what and where they are exporting) to make recommendations on additional markets they may want to consider.”

Market Diversification Tool

According to the International Trade Administration (ITA) announcement, “You just tell the tool what product or products your export, where you are currently exporting, and which markets you want to consider, ranging from a handful of individual countries to the entire world.”

The tool is allegedly user-friendly and flexible, allowing exporters to tailor the search to fit their needs at no cost. Traders can limit the markets in the results to only the ones they want to consider, and they can modify how each of the eleven indicators in the tool contributes to a country’s overall score.

Exporters can move all the data to a spreadsheet for further analysis, and the tool connects them to additional resources to help with market research.

ITA plans a series of free training webinars for exporters to become familiar with the tool and learn how to use it. For access to the tool and information on registering for the webinars, go to

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