Missouri woman’s testimony to help stimulate small business exporting

July 12, 2017 – Missouri’s Ann Pardalos recently testified at a House Small Business Committee (SBC) hearing in Washington, DC, on how to help small businesses increase exports. Ms Pardalos is President of the State International Development Organizations (SIDO), and Manager of International Trade & Investment for the state of Missouri.

Ann P

House Small Business Committee Chairman, Steve Chabot (R-OH) led the hearing. Others testifying included Pat Kirwan, Director of the US Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC) and Peter Cazamias, Associate Administer of International Trade of the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Ms Pardalos said that, “state and federal agencies must work in unison to ensure they are not duplicating efforts and providing the best resources to small firms. Along with the increasing efficiency of the trade programs, the State-Federal Coordination Plan will help identify key gaps in services and resources available.” She further pointed to the State Trade and Expansion Program or STEP grant program, as important in helping more small businesses export. Missouri’s STEP helped 609 small businesses export, resulting in more than $118,581,000 in exports since the program began, according to Ms. Pardalos.

You can see her full testimony by going to this link.

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