No-deal Brexit threat to ‘billions of pounds’ of chemicals

March 11, 2019 – The BBC reported Friday that, “A no-deal Brexit threatens billions of pounds of chemical import,” warned the head of the Chemical Industries Association, Stephen Elliott. “Secondary legislation, needed to copy EU regulations into UK law, contains ‘significant gaps’.”

Chemicals - Brexit

“Put simply, the drugs don’t work, the cars don’t run and the planes don’t fly without chemicals and chemistry,” Mr. Elliot said. “The loophole could halt UK imports of chemicals by EU-registered companies from countries outside the EU,” he says.

Unless the law is changed, he says, the import of “billions of pounds worth of chemicals,” used across UK manufacturing, would have to come to a sudden halt if the UK left the EU with no deal on 29 March.

The UK imports roughly £33 billion of chemicals from the EU every year, and about £27 billion from the rest of the world.

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