Regional exports slipped in August but continue to demonstrate growth

September 20, 2017 – Ernie Goss, Ph.D. Creighton University Jack MacAllister Chair in Regional Economics reported today that regional (Heartland 9 states) new export orders index slipped to 52.8 from 54.3 in July, “With the weaker U.S. dollar, making regional goods more competitively priced abroad, pushed the new export order index above growth neutral,” he said.

Ernie Goss

Ernie Goss, Ph.D
Professor of Economics,
Creighton University

The import index inched higher to 50.1 from July’s 50.0. “A weaker U.S. dollar, making imported purchases more expensive held imports down to almost growth neutral,” said Prof Goss. “On the other hand, approximately, 43 percent of supply managers reported the export of their firm’s goods was an important factor influencing profitability.

However, several supply managers indicated that the export of important regional commodities that normally travel through the Port of Houston will be negatively impacted in the weeks and months ahead. “For example, exports of commodities such as ethanol, hard red winter wheat, corn and soybean will be slowed by port bottlenecks in the short term,” said Prof.Goss.

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