Steel and aluminum import tariffs updates

May 1, 2018 – At the final hour on April 30, Presidential Proclamations were issued extending country exemptions from the Section 232 additional 25% steel and 10% aluminum tariffs.

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While Argentina, Australia, and Brazil will enjoy country exemptions from both steel and aluminum tariffs subject to finalization of agreements, Korea will only be exempt for steel subject to a quota limit. The Proclamations continue the steel and aluminum country exemptions for Canada, Mexico, and E.U. countries, but only for an additional month until May 31.

According to Brian Murphy, Esq., a partner with Miller & Company, P.C., β€œthe extension of the country exemptions and publication of additional Customs guidance on the scope of the Section 232 tariffs is welcome news, but the actions were implemented with such short notice that customs brokers, importers, and even Customs are struggling to understand and comply with them.” for further reference.

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