Trucking freight to Canada is critical and remains open

May 8, 2020 – According to the University of Windsor’s The Conversation, while Canada and the US have agreed to restrict non-essential trips across their common border, it has remained open for the movement to freight in trucks. While the justification of banning crossings by “non-essential” people is open to question, the economic arguments for preserving the movement of trucks are clear.

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On an average day, about 30,000 trucks roll across the Canada-US border, carrying more than US$1 billion in trade. If truck movements were banned, critical supplies of food and medicine, among other shipments, would be interrupted and production at many manufacturing plants in both countries would cease, idling thousands more of workers.

The economic damage from interrupting the flow of trucks would be both direct and indirect.

Direct damage would come when needed goods are cut off. Indirect damage would come when supply chains that straddle the border break down, making it impossible for factories and other economic activities to keep operating.

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