Trucking industry facing severe challenges

December 6, 2017 – With the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate scheduled to take effect on December 18, 2017, it will have a significant impact on carrier capacity, which will lead to longer transit times and reduced efficiency.


However, there are some other issues at hand that currently intimidate the trucking industry. Some of those include the ELD mandate but according to a recent study, that is not what is alarming shippers. The nation is already impacted by a shortage of drivers, and the lack of qualified drivers continues to decrease every day. Experienced and qualified drivers are retiring, moving on, or in the next stage of their life. In the meantime, they have not been replaced.

“The driver shortfall could reach 50,000 positions by the end of this year and if trends hold, will grow to more than 174,000 by 2026.” – American Trucking Association.

According to Rick Held, President of Held & Associates, “This is having quite an impact here in the Midwest as well. We expect trucking charges to increase even more in the year ahead. This will not only increase rates but we’re already finding a scarcity of drivers. Plus it will be more difficult to cover loads and experience longer transit times – especially for hazardous loads.” claims that the top four issues of concern for the industry are:
1. Driver Shortage
2. ELD Mandate
3. Hours-of-Service-Regulation
4. Lack of Available Truck Parking

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