UPS expands international express services to cover 140 countries

December 12, 2019 – According to a report from AJOT earlier this week, UPS has expanded its international suite of shipping services that guarantees time- and day-definite delivery for urgent shipments by 40 more countries. Its express services are now available to businesses across 140 countries and territories, reaching the top 20 countries by GDP with morning delivery.

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The latest expansion offers morning or midday service for companies looking to improve time to market, speed inventory replenishment and meet urgent needs for time-sensitive shipments to international growth areas around the world.

Small to medium-sized businesses need reliable guaranteed time-of-day delivery. UPS is growing its express services footprint within key markets by adding new postal codes in 14 European countries, as well as other markets in Asia, the Americas and the Indian Sub-continent. In the Middle East and Africa, five new markets are now connected to the UPS express delivery network: Algeria, Namibia, Reunion (UPS Worldwide Express), and Nigeria and Qatar (UPS Worldwide Express Plus).

“Increasing the speed to market for our customers in emerging economies, especially small businesses, means that they are better positioned to compete on equal footing with competitors anywhere in the world,” said Jean-Francois Condamine, UPS president of Growth and Emerging Markets.

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