West coast ports congestion impacting US shippers

October 26, 2018 – JOC.com is reporting today on the chronic freight bottlenecks plaguing US ocean shipping and distribution – especially at West coast ports.

Container ships

According to JOC.com, “Ships are bunching at ports, and trains are bunching at intermodal ramps, resulting in trucker delays at those facilities. Rail service issues begin at the ports and intermodal ramps and continue throughout the North American networks due to inconsistent container-handling processes at the railyards, inadequate train velocity, and severe weather events.”

“Chassis shortages and dislocations are rampant at rail facilities as well as marine terminals, and seem to be increasing in frequency despite developments such as the formation of the pool of pools in Southern California.”

“The much-touted US driver shortage is not an actual shortage, but rather the inefficient use of drivers’ available service hours, due to delays at marine terminals, rail ramps, and along congested roadways. Warehouses are also a bottleneck, and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) are now hearing that it is they, rather than the drivers, who are becoming expendable.”

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