Will the Building a Better America dampen exports by eliminating the ITA?

July 25, 2017 – The following statement appeared in the recently-released US House Budget Committee report – Building a Better America.


“The International Trade Administration [ITA]. This Department of Commerce agency provides trade-promotion services for U.S. companies. The fees it charges for its services do not cover the costs. Businesses can obtain similar services from state and local governments and the private market. Congress should eliminate the ITA or require it to charge for the full cost of these “Trade Promotion Authority” services.”

The premise appears to be that we can reduce the national debt by “eliminating corporate welfare programs in the Department of Commerce.” According to the report, this includes the elimination of the ITA, and throwing more of their low-cost programs to the states and other organizations to administer.

A basic question is: can the states actually handle programs such as some other version of the Gold Key Service program and International Partner Search programs now offered to small to medium-sized exporters (SMEs) at vastly reduced costs? ($700 for SMEs Gold Key and $550 for SME International Partner Search) The answer probably is that some states may be able to offer these types of programs, but others have neither the budget nor manpower to adequately replace these federal programs.

If you have concerns about this budget proposal, contact your elected representatives as soon as possible. See the full report below.

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