WTO official speaks out that world trade plays a key role in making the COVID-19 response more effective

October 15, 2020 – World Trade Organization (WTO) Deputy Director Frederick Agah (Nigeria) addressed heads of WTO member delegations on this week emphasizing “the importance of open and predictable markets to foster a strong and inclusive COVID-19 recovery for all countries.”

DDG Agah
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In his remarks he highlighted the work done by the four deputy director generals to ensure stability and continuity during the transition period until a new director-general takes office, and reminded members that the policy choices adopted at the WTO and domestically will matter for stimulating job creation and growth.

Discussing the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts, DDG Agah called on members to ensure that trade contributes, in every way possible, to making the COVID-19 response more effective. He also noted that this was an opportunity for the trading system to emerge stronger from this crisis and better-equipped to respond to the aspirations of all members by “bringing ongoing reform efforts to fruition, in the shape of new agreements and renewed cooperation”.

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